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Check out theses links for projects, local construction partners, and other cool stuff!

This Old House, Season 40:

Episode 3: From The Ground Up.... Ben checks into some knob and tube wiring with This Old House host Kevin O'connor

Episode 6: Net Zero Blanket..... Ben and Kevin O'connor meet with Congressman Donald Norcross and some kids from a local trade school

Episode 7: Modern Barn Raising..... Ben gives his take on a new type of panel board from Leviton

Episode 10: Powering Net Zero... Ben shows off the generator system at the 2018 Idea House

Article: Is There an Electrician in the House?

JLC Magazine Articles:


Electrical Pigtails

Rough In Wiring

Which End Up For Receptacles?

Wiring Receptacles and Switches

Roughing In A Switch Box


Friends in the Industry:


Sweenor Builders

Beasley Woodworks

Cooper Construction

Demetrick Housewrights

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