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South Shore Electrical Contractors has been providing our clients with the personalized design and attention to detail that they deserve since 2007

Innovative Electrical and Lighting Solutions for Every Application


We believe that the best way to fulfill a client's expectations is to start at the start. Let us design your home's lighting and power systems. With over twenty years of experience in the local home industry,  we feel that we are uniquely aware of what the best mix of time honored and innovative lighting solutions are to suit your needs.

With our extreme attention to even the smallest details, we enjoy providing our customers with the highest quality work. We install only the best materials and products in order to ensure long term satisfaction with our finished product.


Let us help you navigate the new world of home automation, iPhone integration, and audio visual technologies. Whether it is just listening to some music, or making sure your heat is working - from anywhere in the world - we've got you covered.

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